Circooter Mate Commuting Electric scooter (800W)

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Outstanding Performance

The 10 inch off road tires offer maximum grip enhancing stability for carving and high speed turns. The Circooter' s electronics powerhouse combines an 48v 800w Brushless hub motor for instant acceleration and faster top speeds, providing the rider significant torque for 25% Grade Hill Climbing

Long Range & Go Farther

The CIRCOOTER are equipped with the 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery for 600Wh of energy and up to 40 km per charge.

Dual Hydraulic Shock Absorption

The Circooter comes equipped with a front and rear suspension which provides you a smoother and safer ride with the ability to tackle corners more easily

Off-Roader & Communter

Circooter is more than enough to fulfill your desire for the outdoor explorations as well as for a laidback urban roaming.

Foldable & Portable

3 seconds to fold and 10 secs to put away all the parts to transport and store. Weighing 22 Kg, it’s portable and easy to carry around.

Cool & Reliable lighting System

Bright LED front lights with deck lights and turn signals,

guarantee your scooting safety & enhance nighttime visibility.

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Customer Reviews

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Très rapide et puissant

Kenneth Erpelo
Great scooter but I have my gripes it's personally a 8.5/10 scooter

Coming from a 350W Turboant X7 this is scooter is definitely an upgrade feeling very stable well built and powerful. My only gripe about the scooter is the battery indicator I will be riding the scooter for about 5 mins or so and on the battery level it will drop my 1 or 2 but then later on will comeback indicating that my battery is still full. I just find it weird that the indication on the battery level isn't always telling me 100% how much charge is left in the scooter and kind of have to guess based off how long I've ridden so far as its very back and forth on the battery level. Another issue in my option where the part of the build that bothers me is the push trigger, Don't get me wrong I love this scooter and the build quality is very good but out of the box and feeling the accelerator push trigger felt very cheap plastic. I wish is was made out of something more robust because at $960 CAD the price that I bought mine at I would have expected that same build quality all round the scooter but of course its where most of the interaction with the scooter is at the accelerator. That's just me though, like I said I love this scooter but does come with its gripes for me but other than these 2 things the scooter has been amazing, the display is absolutely stunning for the price point you probably cant find another display screen as big nor as updated looking as it. I have had this scooter for about 2 months now and those are my only complaints about the scooter everything is as it should be with the display being one of my favorite parts about it haha and I would say If you're not looking to spend and arm and a leg on a scooter the Circooter Mate is definitely a good option if you just want to cruise around and have fun on a budget as I do get about 35 KM in sport mode almost always full throttling it.

Daniel de Berzsenyi
Pretty good

It’s been less than a week of riding so far and it seems pretty good. I’m still on the fence as to if I’m happy with plot or not as I only just received it. The display is great, it has lots of power, lots of deck space and the brakes are good. The packaging was destroyed when it showed up to my door, there seemed to be more tape holding it together than cardboard. When I unboxed it, the styrofoam was beat up but surprisingly enough there was basically no damage to the scooter itself. There was just an “r” sticker rubbed off and one of the blue light strips on the side of the scooter don’t work. Not a big deal in my opinion. I have had a couple instances where I have let up on the throttle and then when I push the throttle again it’s unresponsive. But a quick release and push again seems to do the trick. I did have one instance when the scooter just shut off when I was riding. Only happened once so far but like I said only had the scooter for 6 days so far. As of right now I am happy with it. I don’t recommend the scooter for a light weighted rider as the suspension would be very stiff. Heavier you are the more give the suspension will have as it’s rated for 440 pounds It is very good on hills so far. The carry bag it comes with is very handy.

Dianna Palmer
This thing is a beast

I bought it intending to take it with me on my semi. This thing is huge. There was bo where I could put it. Also very heavy so pulling it out to use it was nit feasible. Ended up giving to my adult son. He's 220# and we live in the mountains. He uses it to get around town. It'll make it up the big hill, if it has enough charge to go into turbo mode. Sad that I canr make it work for me, but He's having a ball with it.

Its fun to play

I like the front and rear brakes, the front lights are bright and the cool blue lights you have also the left and the right signal that visible at night.The App has lots of features and options to choose. The only thing that bothers me is that the buttons are unresponsive when the weather is too cold like -6 Celsius it needs some extra effort to keep pressing the button like to change speed, turn on the front lights, etc.
My charger got lost when the package got hole when in transit I message customer service and they get back to me asap and im impressed with that and the send me another one.
Over all I'm satisfied with the scooter and great customer service.