Warranty information

Your purchase of this scooter includes a 12 month warranty against original defects in material and workmanship from the date you physically receive the scooter. This covers the cost of labour and parts required to maintain your scooter in proper working order for the 12 month warranty period. Please retain your proof of purchase for reference when making enquiries on this warranty.The warranty period remains as 12 months from the original delivery date.Consumable items are not included as part of your warranty. These are outlined below for your clarification.

The warranty covers use during light rain and riding through puddles on the ground, but not soaking in water or exposure to strong rain for prolonged periods of time. Use in these conditions will invalidate the warranty.

Warranty period for wear and tear parts
 Part Free Warranty
Battery 6 Months
Charger 6 Months
Controller 6 Months
LCD Display 6 Months
Tires 3 Months
Brakes/brake grips/brake cables 3 Months
Accelerator / finger paddles 6 Months
Fenders 6 Months
Kickstand 6 Months

When you will not be able to use your warranty

The requested work is to repair consumable items which are not covered by the warranty.

The part which is submitted for repair or maintenance demonstrates signs of misuse or handling that is contrary to the instructions set out in this manual, including but not limited to inappropriate use or incorrect maintenance and storage or signs of crash damage may invalidate a warranty claim.

The submitted repair work is needed due to the scooter having been involved in an accident or reckless / intentional damage.

The requested work is to repair normal wear and tear, surface or cosmetic damage.

You cannot use your warranty without original proof of purchase that validates the scooter’s warranty duration by way of serial number and date on that proof of purchase.The opening, disassembly or modification of the scooter with non-licensed or non-original parts or by a non-licensed person will invalidate the warranty. If your scooter needs a service, call the Circooter Helpline so we can discuss the available options. If your scooter is registered under warranty, and is covered for repair, it will be repaired at no cost.

How do I make a claim?

If you believe your scooter has a warranty issue, your first point of contact should be your Online Store where you purchased your scooter. If you purchased directly from our CIRCOOTER Official Store, please contact our customer service team for instructions on how to proceed: Hello@circooter.com.